Street photography in Zagreb

Call me lazy but for some reason I don’t want to write a lengthy description of Zagreb: it’s a wonderful city and you should visit it. Period.

Furthermore, two consecutive days of good weather, after so much snow and grey skies, were a blessing and from a street photography point of view it proved to be very worthwhile.

(I open here one of my infamous parenthesis. Sometimes I feel there is an urge to fit a photographer into a specific category: “he’s a fine art photographer” (whatever that is), “she’s doing fashion”, “he’s into architecture photography”. Well, if I really have to put a tag on what I do (or like doing) I would choose street photography as the most fitting one: that I do that mostly in foreign countries is just a mean to combine two separate passions.)

Here’s what I came up to during my stay in Zagreb: for every picture I could tell a long story, maybe I’ll do it another time though. Just enjoy the pictures for the moment.

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