Farfalle? Farfalle!


Farfalle? Farfalle!

Farfalle? Farfalle!
Farfalle! Farfalle!

Farfalle? Farfalle!

Farfalle? Farfalle!

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4 responses to Farfalle? Farfalle!
  1. anonimo says:

    Wow wow this post is even more amazing…you're so lucky to have found (and even luckier to have captured them) these special species 🙂

    But where's the butterfly from the last picture? I can't see it even though I almost kissed the monitor… 


  2. anonimo says:

    Hey just forgot to cheer for you. 

    Namaste 🙂

  3. andlosethenameofaction says:

    You should really look at the last picture defocusing your eyes and the butterfly will appear. Eventually.

  4. anonimo says:

    The longer I looked at those leaves, I seemed to have seen a shape of heart in the middle part. Maybe it'll only appear for the eyes of the Enlightened…