Coconut and communism


What do coconut and communism have in common? Apart from starting with co- not much, even a google search for these two terms together doesn’t yield any meaningful result (aside from some Cuban recipes). In Kerala though, they do: coconut trees and communist flags as are ubiquitous as pigeons in London (or any other ubiquitous comparison you might like). It won’t come as a surprise that a coastal, tropical area like Kerala is dotted with palm tress but not everybody knows that Kerala had one of the first elected communist government in the world, in 1957 (the second actually, the first being the one elected in San Marino in 1945. Everybody is always forgetting San Marino: I’ve also heard this story of it being forgotten in the peace treaties following WWII so in theory San Marino is still at war… but I couldn’t find any evidence of this story online so don’t take my words for granted).

Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8319 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8315 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8311 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8289 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-7716 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6595

Wether the positive influence of communism, the remittance money from the huge expatriate community abroad, or the initial trade with the first European colonisers, Kerala is sure a rich area (or at least it looks so), especially compared to other Indian states: it has one of the lowest birthrates of India (yes, this is often taken as an indicator of “development”), coupled with a literacy rate of about 100% (everybody with at least a pen in their shirt pocket (a sign of being cultivated in India…) is very proud of this figure) and it has one of the highest income per capita of the country. One category that I’m pretty sure is not taking advantage of this wealth and development are for sure coconut tree climbers: their work is strenuous and dangerous but they make for a brilliant subject.

Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8246 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8236 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8232 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8225 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8240 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-8218 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6897 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6924 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6911 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6901 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6920 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6928 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6931 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-coconut-and-communism-6934

And what has this picture to do with the rest of the post?


Not much (but you can see one palm tree in the background).

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