Apparently, Mysore is the place to be if you like huge princely palaces and you want to understand everything about South India (at least according to some travel guides). We went to visit the palace and I have to say that it ended up not being forever engraved in my memory, add to it that photography is forbidden there and I should ask myself why am I actually telling about this palace. Anyway. What palace? No palace, much more interesting I found two places: the Market and the Muslim neighbourhood of Mandi Mohalla.


The first was a huge assortment of weird goods and interesting faces, add on top of it the show of a butcher throwing meat leftovers to preying eagles and you are sure to love it.


The latter was just a collection of friendly people, mostly working in surreally greasy shops.


I’ve finally figured out what happens to cows at night: they go home and have a drink with their friends!


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