Off to Serbia

In a sudden burst of travel frenzy yesterday (Christmas lunch, family around, red tablecloth, wine and too much food) I’ve booked a one-way flight to… Belgrade!

People have been giving me some odd stares whenever I mentioned Serbia or Bosnia in these last days: probably they think that a travel photographer (or any normal person) should try to maximize his sunshine/beach opportunities whenever possible and the cold winds of Belgrade didn’t seem as a tantalizing option for many. Well, I’m going there anyway: forget shorts and sunglasses (and my beloved flip-flops) and enter gloves and winter jacket.

The plan is to stay there just for a few days, then move towards Sarajevo and wander around until the right picture pops up. Although I know it won’t be a long trip I have no set itinerary and I feel once again the rush that precedes a trip with no boundaries.

Off to packing!

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One response to Off to Serbia
  1. Marte says:

    Ovviamente aspettiamo le foto, consapevoli della tua pigrizia.