Pondicherry – prelude

Pondicherry was for us one of those breaks that we need from time to time in order to edit all the footage that we collect along the way, so far for the reportages about the Badagas and the one about the Theyyam festival. We are lucky enough to have two friends in Pondy that allowed us to stay with them indefinitely, use their internet connection and take advantage of the many European style restaurants that are in the city. Katya and Armin are a couple with a vast knowledge of India and a definite passion for its people, their commitment to the country reached its apex in 2007 when they created an NGO, Prem Prasad, in northern India to help the local population. If you want to know more about their project, please follow the link above. Let’s say that Pondicherry wasn’t exactly my cup of tea in terms of photography inspiration (a great place where to chill out though!) so I only took some random shots while strolling on this semi-French city.

Matteo-Vegetti-blog-lazy-pondicherry-5 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-lazy-pondicherry-3 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-lazy-pondicherry-4 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-lazy-pondicherry-2 Matteo-Vegetti-blog-lazy-pondicherry-1

Until one day…

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