This was Aleppo

Aleppo is constantly on the news these days, a reminder of the internationally ignored civil conflit in Syria.

These are just few of the pictures I took thereĀ almost two years ago.

matteo-vegetti-aleppo-1 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-10 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-11 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-12 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-13 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-14 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-15 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-16 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-2 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-3 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-4 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-5 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-6 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-7 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-8 matteo-vegetti-aleppo-9

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