Vision and stories

What I like most about photography is its ability to convey with a single frame an entire story: these are the images I like and I try to create (with varying degrees of success) whenever I’m wandering with a camera in my hands and at the same time the reason why I find certain reportage-style/ conceptual/self-declared-fine-art photography a pain to watch.

My very vision changes when I have a camera with me and I notice details that would have escaped me altogether during a camera-less stroll. I don’t know whether it’s the camera itself that imposes a new vision on the environment surrounding me or because of its presence I’m now in a position to give others a glimpse of my world, by excluding (more than including) elements that would otherwise tell a different story.

That’s it, I have no pretension of conveying a unique truth through my images: I just want to tell a story.

So, what is the story behind this picture according to you?

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