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I’m a traveller, a photographer and a writer.
That’s it: enough definitions and, luckily, no superlatives.

I was born and raised in Italy but I lived abroad for a number of years, mainly Here and There.
When I’m not travelling I’m based in Bolzano, Italy.

If you can read Italian, willing to learn it or rely on a good translator, you might want to have a look at the blog of my year-long overland trip from Vietnam to Italy: it’s a good insight on the ups and downs of travelling and I hope it would motivate people to approach other cultures responsibly.

I always like to receive e-mails and I’ll try my best to reply even if we’ve never met before.

Maybe you are interested in my take on photography: I see bags full of lenses and photographic gear as extra weight, I firmly believe that it is harder to take a good colour picture than a black and white one, I’m sure that HDR is just a fad and I hope that one day selective decoloring (b/w pictures with coloured details, bleah) will be once and for all regarded as simply stupid and a waste of good Photoshop time.
Maybe not.